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Multi-Unit Menu Management Release Saves Time and Improves Consistency for Restaurant Chains

VANCOUVER, BC, February 15, 2017— A new release from pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. helps restaurant chains save time and improve brand consistency. With this new menu management toolset, chains can easily manage a master menu with local variations across multiple units and regions. 

New flexibility allows a head office to push out a single menu, and go live with the correct set of menu items, toppings and condiments or flavor options, value meals, and coupons for each store and region. A new menu can be set to activate immediately, or on a specific day.

"Many of our chain clients already use the enterprise menu management and distribution capabilities built into SpeedLine point of sale," notes Marketing Manager Jennifer Wiebe. "But even with a master menu in place, small variations in availability, pricing—even small differences in soda flavors between regions or locations—sometimes made it necessary for a chain to manage a set of menus," she adds. "This new release is a huge step forward in time savings and menu consistency across the brand."

Multi-unit operators can now address all regional variations in availability, pricing, or coupon offers in a single menu file. Restaurant operators can also deactivate seasonal or temporarily unavailable menu items, toppings and add-ons, or coupon offers until they are needed again. That means that a chain could reactivate a successful Valentine's Day promo, for instance, with one click. 

On top of that, menu testing is fast and thorough. A menu manager at head office can test menu revisions against sales mixes from all locations with one click. Wiebe notes, “This really drops stress levels for corporate marketing and IT staff. Now, before they ever make a change live, they can be confident that their menu pricing and promo updates will be accurate and error-free in every location.”

The new release also simplifies online ordering setup and testing, making errors much less likely. Because every store runs the same base menu, there is much less potential for mismatched product lookup numbers. "That eliminates one of the biggest headaches multi-unit marketing and IT folk experience with ordering integration," Wiebe says.

Also notable in this new release is the new ConnectService, which significantly speeds processing and response times for web and mobile orders—and ensures that stores continue to receive online orders even when the point of sale software is not running on the web order station at the store.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Canada Selects SpeedLine as Point of Sale Partner for Franchise Expansion

VANCOUVER, BC, February 25, 2016—At a franchise meeting in Vancouver this week, Papa Murphy’s Canada announced that the company has partnered with SpeedLine to provide point of sale technology for all Canadian locations of Papa Murphy’s Take 'N' Bake Pizza.

SpeedLine Point of Sale Enhances LiveMaps Visual Dispatch

VANCOUVER, BC—May 31, 2016. A new software release from enterprise pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. adds new performance enhancements to leading LiveMaps visual dispatch system as the focus of the release.

Announced today, the new release improves mapping speed and accuracy in LiveMaps, the company’s visual dispatch, mapping, and driver navigation system – for faster dispatch and increased delivery profit.

“LiveMaps improves restaurant’s delivery performance, speed of service, and analytics with live mapping technology,” notes Jennifer Wiebe, SpeedLine marketing manager.

Key capabilities include visual dispatch on an expeditor display for easy grouping of orders and faster dispatch, best-route-in-current-traffic, hands-free navigation using the driver’s native mapping app, and heat map analytics. Live map and traffic data also ensure accurate times for delivery expeditors, and set appropriate expectations with customers, automatically emailing a receipt and an accurate ETA as each delivery is dispatched.

“It’s especially helpful in teaching employees how to dispatch deliveries,” comments Gino’s New York Pizza owner Dave Astarita. “They no longer have to know all the streets in our delivery territory; they can just look at the TV and see which deliveries are in the same direction to send them out.”

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About SpeedLine Solutions Inc.

The leading provider of innovative solutions for pizza point of sale, SpeedLine provides technology solutions for pizza and delivery, quick service, and multi-concept restaurant chains.

SpeedLine POS solutions help restaurant operators and chains operate more efficiently and profitably. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Lynden, Washington, SpeedLine delivers added value through strategic partnerships with other leading technology providers and local resellers.

SpeedLine serves restaurant companies across the USA and Canada, and in Mexico, Bermuda, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates.

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