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Craig Baker with pizzas

   Outstanding Employee

Tracy brightens the Sales department every day with her smile. Her coworkers appreciate her positive vibe, but also her hard work, mentoring of new team members, and willingness to answer questions that come up. For being a vital part of her team, Tracy is recognized as an outstanding employee.

Who We Are

At SpeedLine, we work together to create and support point of sale software that restaurant companies use to deliver millions of pizzas every week. 

  • We deliver products and service that make our customers more successful. That’s our mission, and we work hard to achieve it. 
  • We work full, busy days, but outrageous long hours are not in our DNA. We believe in work/life balance, and we live it.
  • Our head office looks out over raspberry fields and Mount Baker. Good freeway access means we’re an easy commute from anywhere in the Fraser Valley. It’s a lot easier to have a life when you don’t spend all your time in the car.
  • Our counterparts at our US subsidiary spend much of their time on site at customers’ restaurant locations and offices—but they work from a home base only minutes away from our headquarters.
  • A great product and reputation attract strong talent. All of that adds up to an attractive place to work—and an experienced and tenured team. 

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In the Spotlight: Support Technicians at SpeedLine

A support technician at SpeedLine is more than someone who answers the phone in our call center. From their initial contact with the restaurant operators they serve, SpeedLine techs own the issue and follow it through to resolution, training the customer wherever possible along the way. The Support team also helps customers navigate troubleshooting and  warranty calls with third party equipment and service providers. 

With customer satisfaction ratings consistently above 95%, this team is driven by the pursuit of excellence and the knowledge that our customers’ success drives our own. 

Support technician Aly, who joined the team in May, comments, "Customers are pleasant and grateful. Just talking to people all over the U.S. and reminiscing about places I have visited, even the restaurants I have been to, adds much to my workday." About his colleagues, Aly says, "The staff members are so helpful and go out of their way to make sure the work is done properly, constantly looking at ways to make sure new employees feel at home and supported." 

One of the seasoned techs providing that support is Brandon, who’s worked at SpeedLine since 2007, and adds, "I really enjoy working with people to find solutions to issues they may be experiencing."

New Faces at SpeedLine

Since January, SpeedLine has welcomed more than 15 new faces in Development, Sales, and Customer Service. These new hires have settled in and are already making major contributions to product development and exceptional service.  

To support and mentor new staff, SpeedLine is blessed with a rich core of tenured members like Support Project Specialists, Don and Chris, who both celebrated 10 years at SpeedLine this spring.
 New Support team members in the SpeedLine Call Center  
   New Support team members in the SpeedLine Call Center
  Chris and Don: 10 years of customer service excellence	     A few of the new faces on the SpeedLine Dev team (including a remote staffer on a web call)
 Chris and Don: 10 years of customer service excellence  A few of the new faces on the SpeedLine Dev team (including a remote staffer on a web call)


Superstar MVP: Visible Thanks and Recognition

Low tech works sometimes. While we have a number of recognition programs around the company, one of the most popular is the old MVP cork board! 

A little gratitude goes a long way—and it’s become ingrained here. People regularly take a minute on their way in or out of the kitchen to recognize their peers by scribbling a quick and public “thanks” for helping out, going the extra mile, or doing an exceptional job. And every few months, two lucky nominees off the board win gift cards as an extra thank you for their Most Valuable Performance.

SpeedLine MVP board