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POS Security Articles

Topic:  Security
National Restaurant Association

This practical credit card security overview from the National Restaurant Association outlines the steps restaurants operators should take to protect their business from credit card fraud.

Topic:  Marketing, Restaurant Management, Inventory, Security
from Pizza Marketplace

Today's restaurant POS systems are capable of much more than ringing up sales. POS system reports can give you insight into your business while reducing paperwork.

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Manage Your Employees with SpeedLine POS Software

Time Tracking

SpeedLine's built-in time clock tracks employee hours as well as meal and break times. Set the number of minutes your employees can clock in or out before and after their shifts to prevent time clock abuse. Check who's on the clock at any moment with the touch of a button.

SpeedLine saves the original shift information, and records all time clock edits and who made them so that you can monitor shift changes closely.

And that's not all: you can also compare sales versus labor and adjust your staffing accordingly. And you can export your time clock data to ADP® or to a custom format for fast, accurate payroll.

Managing Staff with a SpeedLine POS

“SpeedLine is an excellent POS system. Since installing SpeedLine, I have noticed improvements in everything – more reports, more accuracy, less thefts, more accountability. SpeedLine is built for pizzerias specifically, and it tracks every aspect of my business. I like being able to track all my tickets and know when my employees are in and out. I'm able to go back and view everything. I will always recommend SpeedLine - it’s the all-around best program.”

Aldo Venturino, Owner, Venezia’s Pizzeria