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POS Security Articles

Topic:  Restaurant Management, Security
Jennifer Wiebe

What is PCI compliance? What do you need to do as a restaurant operator to be PCI compliant? Do you need to use a PCI compliant POS? Find out how an upgrade to the latest version of SpeedLine can help you take an important step toward compliance.

Topic:  Restaurant Management, Security
from Pizza Marketplace

In this Pizza Marketplace article, Jeff Finkhousen of Brick Oven Pizza Co. in Auburn, Ala. shares how his SpeedLine POS has helped him stop theft dead in its tracks.

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Manage Your Employees with SpeedLine POS Software


SpeedLine can help you keep track of important dates and events in the life of your business. Schedule messages for employee birthdays and company events. Force a manager override before login to check a driver's insurance renewal. Or schedule a spring cleaning before the health inspector knocks at your door.

Managing Staff with a SpeedLine POS

"Speedline scheduling has helped me reduce labor costs.”

Annie Plautz, Pizza Ranch – Yankton