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POS Security Articles

Topic:  Security
from Pizza Marketplace

How your POS system can help point out loopholes in your restaurant security.

Topic:  Security
Jeremy Simon

The percentage of credit card fraud incidents occurring in restaurants is on the rise. Companies that process credit card transactions are also turning up the heat and fines for restaurants that violate credit card industry rules have amounted to more than $100,000 in some cases.

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Manage Your Employees with SpeedLine POS Software

Skills & Credential Tracking

Did your cook renew his FoodSafe certification? Do your drivers have valid license and insurance credentials? Document employee training and licensing with SpeedLine Skills & Credential Tracking. It's a great tool to ensure you comply with enforceable regulations and avoid fines, penalties, or liability. It can also provide helpful documentation for managing skill-based compensation plans, and help you remind employees of upcoming expiration dates.

Managing Staff with a SpeedLine POS

“SpeedLine has allowed us to more easily identify times that we were over-staffed and times when we needed more staff—and thus allowed us to spend our labor dollars more wisely.”

Stephen Mapes, Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream - East Moline